Logos Quiz 1.0

Logos Quiz 1.0


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Date Added:07 December, 2012

Author: Bernardo Zamora

Category: Games




We see logos every day in TV, in the street and in the products we use, but donOCOt really notice them.
Can you solve all the logos and become a *Logo Master*?
Learn more about all the logos and what they represent!
Use the hints to help you guess the names!

640 LOGOS!

Hundreds of beautiful high resolution logos and images, partially obscured to make the game more challenging!


Thousands of hints available to help you guess the logos. Hints have interesting information, like the real name of fictional characters, or what is the history and origins of the logo.

Go to the Store and upgrade for more hints!


Compare your progress with people from all over the world, real time!.


You use a tablet? we support it. You use a PC with keyboard? that option is also available!
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Perfect game for the whole family !
640 High Resolution logos
With hints to help remember the logos
Online leaderboard to compare scores
Release notes: New Release
Double-width tile and speed improvements.

NEW: Bug fixes, improved Ad handling
[ Logos Quiz full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 8 x64

Tags: high resolution logos   high resolution   logos   windows 8 app  

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